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Financial Interval Training

How is your financial fitness? Are you in great shape or is it time to hit the gym? Enroll in our JB WealthFIT course and learn how to get yourself in top financial condition.

Click the Welcome button, it says ‘Start Here’. This is the introduction and will help you understand the JB WealthFIT system. After that, progress through each of the Intervals. You can stop and continue at any point. Simply track your progress via your Dashboard.

Debt Training

Debt is a disease. It plagues not only our checkbooks but also our freedom, our health, our marriage, and our careers. If you are here – you have debt. Doesn’t matter how you got got here. What matters is that there is a cure. You want to be out of debt. You want the quickest and best pathway to get out of debt. And, hopefully a path with as little sacrifice or disruption to your lifestyle as possible. Here is your ray of hope. This course provides that path of hope. Plus we are here to guide you along the way should you need us.


Interval 2

Debt Freedom for the Business Owner

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Interval 3

Out of Debt and Ready to Live Interest Free

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College Planning

The college years can be both exciting and daunting. What school is right? Can our child get in? Can we avoid loans and debt? What kind of college can we really afford? Can we get financial aid/help? So many questions to answer to ensure your student has the best college experience possible – and you survive the journey financially. Don’t let the process frighten, intimidate or overwhelm you. The answers to your questions are in this course, plus we are here to help.

Interval 3

Understanding College Financial Aid

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Beyond Divorce

This program, produced by Beyond This and presented by Cordell and Cordell and JarredBunch is designed to help families understand and navigate the challenges of divorce.